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Bulletproof© Human Potential Coach

Achieve your Goals, Realize your Potential, Upgrade your Body, Mind & Energy. Working with Clients in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

* Energy, Focus & Wellness

* Goal Achievement

* Career & LIFE Transitions​

* Weight Loss

* Athletic Performance

Testimonials from Clients in London, San Francisco, Miami, New York and Dubai

Former Commercial Director, Motorola Ltd, Europe, Middle East & Africa reaching this position before my 30th birthday, I left totally burnt out in 2009.  Although I always had a passion for fitness and wellness, I'm a IFPA Advanced Personal Trainer and AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, I had a wake up call in 2008 after a sequence of exams determined my biological age at 61 years old?!!  Stress, travel, crap meals on the go, sleep deprivation topped off with excessive exercise (at the time I was working 14+ hr days, training for the New York City Marathon, playing Polo and joking I was only home in London to do my laundry as I was travelling extensively) had taken a toll on my mind, body and soul.  I left the corporate world for what I had "planned" as 1 year sabbatical but which ultimately kick started my life down a road of self discovery, minimalism (today my worldly belongings are packed into 1 suitcase) and reconnecting with Nature.  



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