After my paragliding accident September 2016 (See RECOVERY BLOG) which resulted in an emergency knee operation, I returned to Miami from Germany in search of a Cranio Sacral Therapist and a Physical Therapist. When I googled "Cranio Sacral in Miami" only a few therapists came up and when I read Dr. Minsu Blanca's bio, I instantly knew she was the one for me! I liked the idea of working with one therapist for both Physical Therapy and Cranio Sacral Healing. Within three weeks she got me off the crutches and walking again. Fine tuning the therapy sessions to exactly what I needed whether it was Physio or Cranio and/or Energy Healing & Talk Therapy. It all came together for the perfect healing cocktail customised to what I was going through physically, emotionally and energetically. What I didn't realize at the time is that Dr. Minsu Blanca would become my go to practioner for almost everything and I frequently book Dr. Minsu Blanca for remote energy healing sessions, which when you are on the road are simply indispensable. I often recommend her to my own coaching clients who want to work on themselves at a significantly deeper level. Dr. Minsu Blanca - Physical Therapist - Cranio Sacral Therapist - Hypnotherapist - Energy Healer Dr. Minsu Blanca, PT, MSPT, DPT, CPT, MBA, Energy Medicine Practitioner More about Dr. Minsu Blanca