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Service Description

Are you catering an event? Do you own a restaurant? Do you want to fuel your employees for optimum performance? Are you caring for a loved one which requires a special diet? Do you want help navigating the food aisle during your next visit to the grocery store? Are you hosting guests with the following dietary requirements: Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Bulletproof and/or specific food allergies? HIRE ME AS YOUR HEALTH FOOD CONSULTANT: COMPANY OFFICE & EVENTS - Obtain guidelines and guidance on snacks and meals to offer during office meetings, seminars and conferences which fuel employees for optimum performance, focus and energy. EVENTS - Ensure the menu choices meet the dietary requirements of guests. PRIVATE - Have your food pantry reviewed, cleaned out and restocked by a health food expert. Obtain expert guidance curating a host and/or family menus that will dazzle and meet your guest and family dietary food requirements.

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+31 611055060


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