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What Does a Health Coach Eat? In Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA Part 1

Updated: May 25, 2021

As a Health Coach, many clients, friends and family members want to know . . . what EXACTLY do I EAT?! So on this 'on-going' blog post series. I intend to highlight some of my go to meals as I adapt through the various circumstances of living a life continuously on the road. In a nut-shell I am a foodie at heart and always on the hunt for Organic (Bio), Seasonal and the best Quality ingredients I can find! Sometimes I get REALLY lucky and strike gold finding artisanal products made with all of the above characteristics plus my favourite criteria of all, made with lots of LOVE!!!

So here I am May 24th, 2018, Klagenfurt, Austria due to a tragic and sad circumstance. My Life Partner BASIRAIR was helicoptered to a trauma accident hospital in Klagenfurt after a severe paragliding accident. During the first 2 weeks, I shared an apartment with his family, which was great as we could make home cooked meals together. Since his parents are vegetarians, I took the opportunity to endulge in Bulletproof Diet's "Protein Fasting Days". By occasionally limiting protein intake, you switch on Autophagy, which is the body's method of clearing out dead organelles, damaged proteins and oxidized particles that interfere with cell function and accelerate aging. Here are some fo the meals we prepared:

Easy recipe for Bulletproof Diet Protein Fasting Day

Asparagus season is in full swing in Austria right now and its such a delicious vegetable to easily and quickly include into any meal. Here, I slightly sautéed them in butter, sea salt and dash of pepper. I serve them along some fresh organic greens i.e parsley and micro greens easily available in most supermarkets. I include some crunchy bio sweet red peppers and cooked bio potatoes (staple in Austria) slathered with Butter. This made for a lovely nutrient dense breakfast.

Austria also has an abundance of locally grown organic greens and these make for a great base to any meal. You can easily dress it up with a soft boiled egg, olives, avocado and any left overs as I did pictured below with the breakfast asparagus and potatoes. This was Lunch.

Summer Organic Greens

Easy to make Summer Salad

Easy to make Vegetable Coconut Milk Curry on Rice Noodles

For Dinner, I decided to turn it up a notch with a home-made coconut milk vegetable curry over a bed of rice noodles. Keep in mind it was a protein fasting day for me so I really went big on the vegetables, healthy fats and starches. The curry sauce had loads of fresh curcuma and ginger. A healthy amount of black pepper, sea salt, white and red onions and 250 ml of coconut milk. I mixed in chunky pieces of organic courgettes, carrots and mushrooms I had picked up at local supermarket, dash of red peppers and sunflower seeds. Lastly, its Cherry season and being so close to the border with Slovenia, (45 minute car ride away) we get them here in the buckets full! I scored these plump and perfectly ripened cherries directly from the farmer in a local farmer's market which made me so happy!

Farmer's Market Cherries from Slovenia

Since going Bulletproof, I indulge in SEASONAL fruits mostly on Protein Fasting Days only. For instance, long gone are the days of drinking or eating oranges 365 days of the year. sound familiar? Two weeks in and family gone back to Germany and Netherlands so is the apartment and its kitchen. Which means I'll need to adapt to the hotel lifestyle and with that eating out something which I rarely do since I LOVE to cook my own meals. So far I am off to a good start stumbling across Dalmato, a Crotian Restaurant in the city center with a variety of simple but delicious mediterranean dishes. I decided for the lightly grilled squid with butter, lemon and a side of spinach and mashed potatoes.

Dalmato Croatian Restaurant, Klagenfurt, Austria

For the most part though, I am hoping to minimize eating out all together for easy to prepare meals in a hotel room. This morning I woke up to a bio farmer's market on my hotel's doorstep and scored some beautiful treats which I can easily keep and prepare in my hotel. Things like carrots, turnips, cucumbers, olives, bio liver pate, sardines etc which make for survival essentials when you're stuck in a hotel. As for the coffee, I've already trained the staff on how I like it. "Schwarz ohne milch und Zucker mit Butter" "Black, without milk and sugar with Butter" with a packet of Brain Octane Oil.

If you want to stay tuned to my latest adventures, experiments and daily inspirations follow me on instagram.

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