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40 Years of Zen Giveaway on Omaze

Updated: May 25, 2021

This Omaze give-away is my ideal DREAM!!! They have teamed up with Dave Asprey, Bulletproof® founder and 40 Years of Zen to offer a once in a lifetime experience! You're probably wondering what is 40 Years of Zen?!?! 40 Years of Zen is a fully immersive, intense 5-day neurofeedback program utilising state-of-the-art neurofeedback equipment and programs, combined with expert guidance and coaching, to harness your brain’s full potential and teach your brain to work in coherence with itself. The result is optimum brain function to help maximize your mental performance and life. How does that sound?!! AMAZING!!!

I've been secretely longing to go through the program for a while but the $15,000 price tag has definitely been a barrier. Top performers such as Tony Robbins have gone through such rigorous neurofeedback program. The giveaway is not only an opportunity to have access to the 40 Years of Zen Neurofeedback Program, but it also includes the flights to Seattle which is where the facility is located along with inclusion of accommodation and catered Bulletproof meals!!! All of this in itself is pretty awesome but in addition to everything I have just mentioned, you will also have a chance to meet with Dave Asprey 1:1 for a biohacking session.

Whats even more wonderful about this Omaze giveaway is that the funds raised will go towards supporting The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer's. They educate the public about brain health and the lifestyle choices people can make now to delay, slow and possibly prevent cognitive decline. Your donation will help fund Alzheimer’s research at leading institutions to help better understand the disease and get closer to a cure.

I've already participated but was soooooooooooo excited about the concept that I just had to share it! If you are serious about self development its a very small investment to make, $10 will get you 100 chances to WIN! AND even if you don't win, its ALL for a great cause so by participating you are already a WINNER!!!

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